Birthright Israel

All participants of Birthright Israel are able to apply for a Birthright Israel trip extension. This can be done either in the US before the trip leaves or in Israel during the trip.

Before your trip

Participants can extend their Birthright Israel trip in the US by contacting our travel agency, Gil Travel. There is a fee to extend, which will be arranged when contacting the agency. We advise you to make the arrangements before departure in order to ensure you receive your preferred return date.

After your trip​

It is possible to extend your trip after you arrive in Israel by contacting the airline directly.


The airline will ask to provide a PNR code. The PNR is listed among the details of your flight information.

A Birthright Israel Trip Extension is an amazing opportunity. Once you are already in Israel, stay for longer, enjoy a Birthright Israel Plus trip extension or explore the country on your own.

After your Birthright Israel trip is over you can explore cities like Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Haifa, Tzfat, or Tiberius. Spend your time eating from the local cuisines, or making new friends.

Have family in Israel? This is the perfect time to visit them!

If you are looking for a Birthright Israel Trip Extension then Birthright Israel Plus is the way to go.

Choose from several different programs. Whether you are interested in trekking across the desert, connecting with the natives, enjoying the local cuisine, or more, Birthright Israel plus has a lot to offer you.

Interested? Check out the Birthright Israel Plus programs

Extend Your Adventure

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