Birthright Israel - FAQ's

Birthright Israel FAQ's

Birthright Israel FAQ's - Eligibility

The gift of Birthright Israel is available for all young Jewish adults between the ages of 18 and 32. In order to be eleigble you must not have participated in an educational trip since turning 18 or lived in Israel since the age of 12.

Potential Birthright Israel participants must identify as Jewish. Applicants must have at least one Jewish parent or have completed the conversion process.

If you have been before, that’s okay!

If you have been with your family or on personal business and were there for less than 3 months you are still eligible.


  • Have you traveled prior to the age of or at the age of 18 on a program designed for high schoolers and the program was less than 3 months? Then, you are still eligible
  • If you were a part of  a “High School in Israel” program for up to a semester, then you are still eligible
  • If you traveled to Israel after the age of 18 on a personal trip, secular trip, interfaith trip, etc. then you are still eligible
  • If you volunteered in Israel or came to the Maccabiah games for under 3 months, then you are still eligible
  • If you traveled to Israel after the age of 18 on a gap year program then you are not eligible.

Still have questions?

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Birthright Israel FAQ's - Signing up

Birthright Israel FAQ's - Information about the trip

Trip Central - NIS


Our staff will collect the $100 tipping money from
the participants and make sure it gets to the tour-guide and bus driver.

We suggest bringing approximately $250 USD in cash. Almost all stores
in Israel accept credit cards. A combination of credit cards, debit
cards and cash is ideal.

Remember that you are likely to spend more than you anticipate.

Trip Central - plugIf you plan to bring small electrical appliances to Israel, keep in mind that Israel uses a 220 volt electrical current, and that the outlet types are different as well.
In order to avoid “frying” any electrical items, bring a 110V/220V voltage converter. You will also need a socket adapter to plug your items into the wall.
Note: your laptop may have a build-in voltage converter.

Madrichim will make rooming lists for the hotels. The rule is triple-occupancy, and no co-ed rooms (so 3 boys or 3 girls per room). You can choose your roommates if you wish, by contacting your madrichim. If you don’t have any preferences, the madrichim will assign you to a room with roommates. Couples or siblings who want to share a private room should contact their madrichim.

If you are taking medication, we recommend that you bring enough medication to last for the entire time that you expect to be in Israel. We also recommend that you pack your medication as part of your carry-on luggage in case your main luggage is delayed.
Please remember to notify us of all medical conditions, including issues that are under control and might seem minor to you, on the Ezra World enrollment forms or through email. It is with your health and welfare in mind that we need this information.
Note: all medical records are for our internal use only, and will be kept strictly confidential.

Trip Central - DietaryAll Ezra World trips and programs observe Shabbat and the dietary laws of Kashrut.
There is usually one meal per day that you will be purchasing on your own, typically a light lunch, and you are perfectly free to eat whatever you wish.
People with special dietary restrictions or preferences (i.e. lactose intolerance, vegetarian, gluten free) should contact us in advance to make proper arrangements for the flight and hotels.

Birthright Israel FAQ's - After the trip

You can extend your trip, learn more about that here

Birthright Israel Plus is Birthright Israel’s extension program . An amazing oppurtunity to stay in Israel longer. Interested? Find out more here

Once you’ve completed your trip click this link.

Staffing a trip is easy, find out more here